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Piscatus.net understands how hard ‘land time’ can be but luckily we have just the medicine to take the edge off your cravings.

We are a fishing photography and lifestyle blog – delivering you high quality fishing photography, the tallest of stories from far flung destinations, the latest in fishing news, and in-depth gear reviews. We also do the hard work for you, distilling the the best of the webs fishing porn to give you a one stop shop for all your fishing urges on those days you just cannot get on the water. Expand the tabs below for more detailed content information


Need some inspiration for your next fishin’ mission or just looking for an excuse to procrastinate? From the Piscatus.net lens, our image gallery showcases high quality fishing photography as well as wildlife, landscape, underwater and abstract images captured while the fishing was slow.

Most images are available for personal or commercial use contact the team at Piscatus.net for more information.


Escape to another place with these image rich Tall Stories and join the author on a journey to distant locations as he recounts waters traveled, opportunities lost, battles fought, and beasties conquered. These are not poor recollections of some dodgy fishing trip you would find in your favorite fishing forum, all articles have cut the mustard elsewhere and appeared in well respected fishing magazines.

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With the glut of electronic media and information available to today’s connected fisherman it is difficult to separate out the gold from the garbage. Visit the Distillery where we boil all this down, leaving you with the moonshine that is the web’s very best fishing media. – whether it be film, photography, art, websites, news, reviews or online stores.


Always looking for the ultimate hit, Piscatus.net is a connoisseur of the finer fishy things in life. We review the latest fishing tackle, the greatest gear, quality tools, & suave apparel to make sure your next purchase is not money wasted. We also scour the far edges of the web for nuggets of gold, pointing you in the direction of those that have already done the hard yards in exhaustive field testing (someone’s gotta do it).

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Has this ever happened to you?

You finally nail the holy grail of flats fishing after hundreds of missed opportunities, or perhaps you land that fish of a lifetime you have been chasing all these years. The cameraman goes snap-happy and you begin to think about how you will display your photo for all to see. And then you download the photos form your camera…. Every single photo is ruined. Too washed out, underexposed, poorly composed, or just not capturing the amazing moment as you remember it.

For me a huge Queensland Grouper off the beach, my first Billfish and a huge Saltwater Barramundi spring to mind. I still shed a tear when I see those photos and curse the photographers name daily.

Piscatus.net is here to help. Assuming the image is composed adequately and the image is not too far gone – there is an awful lot that can be done to resurrect your images into amazing photos. RAW photos are particularly well suited to restoration however the recent advances in photo editing software and a little tender loving care can do wonders on even low quality images from the past. Even scanned photographs can be restored.. to a point.

If you are interested in having your shot(s) tweaked then please submit the unadulterated image file in RAW or JPEG format via email. Please include your name and a short description to go with the image to set the scene including location, gear used and why the photo is important to you. Assuming the image provides a reasonable canvas for restoration I will put it through the wash, send you a full resolution copy, and post a before and after shot here with your description.

Currently Piscatus.net provides this as a free service and we cannot guarantee that we will restore every photo we receive. Preference will however be given to well framed images that have obvious importance to the sender.


Coming soon, just as soon as he sobers up.
Born and raised in Perth, Western Australia, Chris spent every waking minute looking for his next fish in the lower reaches of Perth’s swan river and exploring the bays and beaches of Rottnest Island with his brothers. Following school he moved to Far North Queensland to study Marine Biology and Aquaculture and sample the tropical fishing before moving on to the Whitsunday Islands to work as a RYA Yachtmaster instructor where he found an abundance of Giant Trevally to keep him busy.

Returning home to complete a Masters of Science in Environmental Management; he reacquainted himself with the waters offshore of Perth before moving to Ningaloo to fish as hard as he possibly could for a year. A few international fishing trips later, a new job, and just a few more lost fish, and he has somehow found himself in Central California with his beautiful wife and daughter – still thinking about that next fishing mission.

Piscatus.net has been brewing for awhile now and is providing him with an outlet to share his passion for fishing with the world, hone his fishing photography, and take the edge off his cravings until that next hookup…

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