Fishing Photo Tweaks

0 Posted by - 26/02/2012 - Fishing, Photography, Post Processing

After posting last weeks batch of tweaked photos from Andy & Jezz’s flats pursuits in North Queensland, there was some discussion as to why Jez didn’t feature in any of them. The obvious reason would have been that Jez can’t catch fish but those that know him realise this couldn’t be further from the truth. Some suggested Andy was usless behind the lens, others believed Jez was just too damn ugly or perhaps – Andy was comparatively too photogenic. Perhaps I had some deep seated hatred for Jezz and I just decided not to edit any pics of him???

Whatever it was, it wasn’t a conscious decision and to make up for it I asked Jezz to send me through some pics to tune up.

Below are the before and after results, if you have a memorable moment on the water you want tweaked then send me an email.

Nice Permit for Jez. Note the significant but subtle changes made to bring back the colour of the fish. Oh and he owes me $20 for a new shirt!

This image was generally washed out. The Mangrove Jack gained some colour while Jez lost half his hat to straighten the horizon – I think it was worth it.

This Crab fly had obviously been inhaled, the image wasn’t too bad to start off with but converting to black and white, bringing back the exposure and smoothing it out a little helped a lot to draw focus on the fly.

I struggled with this image as it was so washed out. I managed to get everything else back but the sky needed to be surgically removed and replaced. I also removed a distracting war wound from the Tusky and returned his striking colour (perhaps overdoing it slightly).

This was an easy fix but it took some time to get the subtle colours back in the queenie. Could benefit from a sunset sky transplant?

I couldn’t seem to revive this enough in colour, but managed to salvage it with Sepia toning.

Didn’t really have much to work with here but after experimenting with the croppong I finally found something that seemed to work.

I almost didn’t bother with this image and for awhile I assumed it would only work in black and white. Once Jez donned a new hat and cleaned his shirt it all seemed to work. I hate the sky Halo – guess I got lazy.

Starting to get a little bored of Goldens but entertained myself highlighting his finer features. Also had to transform the horizon to remove the curvature and give Jez’s shirt another wash.

I couldnt find away to save this permit in colour – he was just too burnt – but in Black and white you dont see the ghastly side effects of pulling back those overexposed areas.