Highway 1 – 12 Hour Drive

0 Posted by - 14/04/2012 - Landscape, Photography

I finally got around to editing some photos from our trip down Highway 1 last month. There was no fishing to be had, far too wet and cold for my warm blood, but the scenery was just amazing. The 3 hour drive soon turned into an all day mission as every bend offered up a new landscape to frame.

Before we start, a drive down Highway 1 needs good theme music – The Waifs are an obvious choice, just press play!

The wet and cold day got started with a quick walk around Cannery Row in Monterey, plenty to see including these guys getting ready to head out into the bay for a fish.

Monterey Wall Mural Fisherman

Once out of the protection of  the bay, the Pacific showed its anger.

Monterey Ocean

The rain had brought many intermittent streams to life. The water making its way to the ocean in Pebble Beach cut some interesting shapes.

Pebble Beach Stream

Pebble Beach Photo

Pebble Beach Art

Pebble Beach Ocean

El Sur Ranch did not look inviting…

El Sur Lighthouse Keep Out

Highway One Lighthouse Stormy

The small streams along the coast were engorged from the weeks rainfall.

Gloomy Ocean

The Pacific was looking as inviting as ever!

Rocky Shoreline

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