San Simeon Haunted House

0 Posted by - 29/10/2011 - Landscape, Photography

Ventured up to San Simeon last week to visit one of the Central Coast’s prime tourist attractions – Hearst Castle. It turned out to be a money hungry tourist trap so we pulled the pin just before hopping on a guided tour coach for a two hour frontal lobotomy. All was not lost however, we ventured down the hill towards the coast for lunch at Sebastian’s (their french dip was awesome!) and came across this cute little farm house.

Landscape Photography San Simeon

I liked this shot in Black and White but strangely it was missing some colour….

Landscape Photography San Simeon house

Seeing as Halloween is just around the corner I thought this one was appropriate. I planned on removing the powerlines but the more I thought about it the more I thought they needed to stay.

Landscape Photography San Simeon

Cute little place if you’re ever driving down Highway 1!