Windmills and Fencelines @ See Canyon Road

0 Posted by - 24/10/2011 - Landscape, Photography

Shortly after arriving in California we made a wrong turn up a little backroad called See Canyon Road. This narrow windy road was lined with apple orchards, shaded by a thick canopy of oaks and filled with masochistic bike riders making slow progress through the fog.

The real prize however was found once we rose above the fog and caught the views looking North towards Morro Bay. I’ve got a preoccupation with fencelines that I just cant explain and there was no shortage of them up here.

Fenceline Landscape Field Photography

I also have a soft spot for windmills (especially when they are fenced in)….  There was a path well trodden below this one – a cow superhighway if you please. This fella stopped on his way down the hill just long enough to get a few shots off.
Windmill Cow Field Photography

Gotta love accidental detours!