Subwing – Underwater Flight

0 Posted by - 22/03/2012 - Blog

A good mate of mine has a penchant for seeking out ‘the next best thing’ in his quest for inspiration for his million dollar idea that is, apparently,  just around the corner. I knew I was in for a treat when he sent me an email titled ‘Subwing – Gotta get one’.

I was soon watching the video on the Subwing homepage and having a ‘why didn’t I think of that’ moment. If you’ve ever yearned to fly like superman underwater then Subwing is your thing. In its crudest form Subwing is essentially like being dragged underwater by a dredge board however its simple yet ingenious design lets you fly through the underwater world with a little more grace.

The Subwing is essentially two independant wings joined by a swivel in the middle with grip points on the leading edge of each wing and an additional center handle on the trailing edge for one handed manouvers. A bridle rope on each wing  helps control yaw and spreads the significant load when under tow while enabling you to tilt the wings forward and back to control pitch. Independent control of the two wings enable you to enjoy endless barrel rolls by tilting one forward and one back.

Give it a go in a cold lake and you will probably be bored as batshit after a few cold minutes. Add some crystal clear water, complex reef systems and plenty of fish life and we’re starting to have a bit of fun. Throw in a few sharks, a breaking wave or two and a speargun and the adrenalin junkies will be all over it.

It is definitely an interesting way for spearo’s to cover some ground searching the landscape for quarry before dropping off for a shot. I’ve watched those Whites on shark weeks nail a fake seal towed behind a boat and ‘im sure in the wrong areas it is just a matter of time before someone becomes the first human lure with one of these things.

Given the build quality I don’t think $700 is unreasonable but at that price I cannot see the Subwing becoming the next best thing in water sport. It is somewhat reminiscent of the IQ Ray Board which briefly surfaced some years ago before disapearing back to the depths of obscurity.

No doubt a few crazies with cameras will soon have some amazing footage on YouTube. I cant wait for someone to deploy one behind a lure spread and see the action from a different perspective. Curse this cold Californian water!


So…… anyone have any first hand experience with these things yet?