Underwater Photography

0 Posted by - 12/11/2011 - Photography, Wildlife

Nikonos V | Great Barrier Reef

While perusing some old photos I stumbled upon these low res scans I shot back in 2002 while diving the Great Barrier Reef off Port Douglas.

The camera was an old trusty Nikonos V loaded with slide film. Not only was it the first time I had ever used slide film but also the first time I had ever used a camera underwater and my first introduction to SLR’s – not to mention strobes, TTL, light meters, filters and all that jazz. Oh and did I mention flooded cameras?

The proof was in the developing………. from memory there were only a handful of keepers from hundreds of slides. Somehow however I got lucky and 3 of them are  hanging on the wall above my head right now.

Interestingly it was also the last time I ever loaded film into a camera and importantly the spark I needed to make me think differently about photography.

Perhaps it was the start of something more than I realised at the time?